Real Estate Lawyer in Ukraine

Real Estate Lawyer in Ukraine

Real Estate Lawyer carries out legal practice in the fields of residential and commercial real estate, as well as in land legal relations. Very often, the price of a real estate lawyer depends on the legal situation, urgency, real estate and other factors.

Real Estate Lawyer Services in Ukraine:

  • Legal Advice of a real estate lawyer
  • Registration of Ownership of real estate
  • Real Estate Selling Abroad
  • Drafting of Legal Documents (contracts)
  • Legal Support for Investment Projects
  • Opening an Investment Account in Bank for business purchase and for real estate purchase
  • Obtaining Information from the state registry of real estate
  • Drafting of Court Documents, filing a lawsuit and documents in court
  • Real Estate Disputes in Court, recognition of ownership of real estate
  • Disputes on increasing the share in the right of common ownership
  • Appeal of transactions with real estate and land, recognition of real estate transactions as invalid, return of property from another's illegal possession, deregistration of rights to real estate
  • Legal analysis and examination of real estate contracts
  • Legal Support for Inheritance of real estate and movable property
  • Foreclosure on real estate, land
  • Legalization of reconstruction and redevelopment, recognition of ownership of real estate in court
  • Legal Support for Real Estate Transactions
  • Imposition of arrests and bans on disputed real estate
  • Analysis, collection and preparation of necessary legal documents
  • Assignment of an address to a real estate object
  • Determination of the procedure for using real estate and land
  • Division of Property and land in a judicial proceeding and by agreement of the partie.

Inheritance Lawyer in Ukraine

Real estate has priority values for both citizens and companies working in the field of residential and commercial real estate. Our real estate lawyers and legal experts provide services to both Ukrainian and foreign clients: citizens and companies.

English-Speaking Real Estate Lawyer

A real estate lawyer in Ukraine will provide you with wide range of legal services on matters arising in the field of real estate and other related matters. Real estate lawyers and legal experts of our law firm provide legal services on real estate issues at all stages of construction, from the moment of preparation for construction to the commissioning of the construction project and other issues.

Real Estate Agency in Ukraine

Real estate lawyers provide professional legal advice in real estate matters for individuals and businesses.


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