Lawyer for real estate. Transactions with real estate and registration in Ukraine, Kiev, Kharkiv

Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate lawyer carries out legal practice in the fields of residential and commercial real estate, as well as in land legal relations
Real estate is a priority for both citizens and companies that work with residential and commercial real estate. Our real estate lawyers provide services to Ukrainian and foreign clients: citizens and companies.

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Real estate lawyer in Ukraine will provide legal services in matters related to real estate and other matters.

Real Estate Lawyer Services:

  • legal advice of a real estate lawyer
  • registration of ownership of real estate
  • buying property abroad
  • drafting of legal documents related to real estate (contracts)
  • obtaining information from the state registry of real estate
  • preparation of court documents
  • legal disputes over real estate, declaration of proprietary rights to real estate
  • appeal of transactions with real estate and land, recognition of real estate transactions as invalid, seizure of real estate from illegal possession
  • legal analysis and examination of contracts related to real estate
  • legal support in inheritance law, inheritance of real estate
  • legal support of real estate transactions
  • seizure of real estate
  • division of real estate and land in court.

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Real estate lawyer provides professional legal assistance on issues with real estate for citizens and businesses.

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