Lawyer for citizens abroad

Lawyer for Citizens

Lawyers for citizens provide legal services to clients, represent and defend the interests and rights of clients - citizens in legal cases. Citizen lawyers provide clients with a wide range of professional legal services.

Lawyer services for citizens


Lawyer services for citizens: legal advice of a lawyer for citizens, legal advice of a lawyer online for citizens, legal analysis of documents and assessment of the judicial perspective of legal cases, examination of contracts, representation in negotiations, mediation and settlement of legal disputes abroad; collection of information, legal investigation, obtaining documents abroad; preparation of legal documents: preparation of legal documents for the court and other bodies, a claim for filing in court, an appeal, a lawyer's request, procedural documents; representation by a lawyer in court in legal cases: protection of interests and representation in court and other bodies in legal cases of various categories (police, prosecutor's office, tax service), in other state bodies, representation before citizens, pre-trial settlement of disputes; legal services for foreigners, services of a lawyer in a foreign language.


Specialization of a lawyer for citizens: civil and Family law for citizens: legal services of a family lawyer for citizens, divorce from a foreigner, divorce, divorce abroad, place of residence and raising a child, deprivation of parental rights, settlement of family disputes, establishing paternity, marriage contract, division of property, adoption of children; Civil law for citizens and settlement of disputes with property, division of propertyCriminal law for citizens (defense in criminal cases in law enforcement agencies and in court): defense in criminal cases of any complexity, a criminal lawyer abroadInheritance law abroad: services of a lawyer by inheritance abroad (inheritance by law and inheritance by will), inheritance litigation about inheritance abroad, division of inheritance, establishment of a legal fact, registration of inheritance abroad; Real estate and housing law: a lawyer for real estate, legal support for transactions with commercial and residential real estate abroad, legal due diligence of real estate and the owner of real estate, ownership, litigation related to real estate; Debt collection for citizens: judicial collection of debts abroad under contracts, recovery of damage, arrest of the debtor's property, enforcement of court decisions abroad on debt collection, support of enforcement proceedings; Insurance law for citizens: legal services of an insurance lawyer afor citizens, insurance disputes with insurance companies, disputes over insurance policies; immigration law for citizens: immigration abroad and services of a migration lawyer, residence permits abroad and citizenship for a foreigner through investment, business, purchase of real estate, preparation of documents for immigration.

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