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Lawyer in the USA


Law Firm Rubicon since May 2018 does not provide legal services and legal services to a lawyer in the US. Our American lawyers now do not provide clients with legal services and legal assistance in the US.


The Law Firm now provides legal services, legal services for lawyers, consulting services abroad in such countries as Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, Germany, Russia, France, Great Britain, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Israel, Australia, Switzerland, and our lawyers and other specialists render the following legal services to clients abroad:


The Law Firm Rubicon has worked with many law firms and private lawyers in the United States for many years. We have provided legal assistance to our clients for more than 8 years in the United States, particularly in such states as Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Washington, Virginia, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Georgia, West Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, California, Kansas, Kentucky, Colorado, Connecticut, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota Mississippi, Missouri, Michigan, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Utah and others.

The law firm with partners provided clients with such legal services in the US: Legal advice of an American lawyer in the USA, US lawyer services in the US, protection of rights and interests, Immigration lawyer services in the USA, US visaRegistration of the inheritance in the USA, Legal support of real estate transactions in the USA, Registration of business and companies in the USA, Apostille and legalization of documents in the US, Reclaiming of duplicate documents in the USA, Services of Translation Agency of foreign languages ​​in the USA, And other services.

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