Apostille abroad on documents of companies and citizens

Apostille abroad

Specialists in the legalization of documents abroad provide services for the clients on consular legalization of foreign documents and affix the apostille stamp on documents abroad.



Citizens and companies often need legalization of documents and apostille on documents in foreign consulates and other government agencies abroad. Documents issued abroad must be legalized in the country of issue of the document. After apostille or legalization of a document, it can be submitted to the authorities of other states. After legalization, the document has legal force in another country. Our specialists in the legalization of foreign documents issued abroad will conduct legal consultations on the procedure for the legalization of documents abroad, obtaining documents abroad, provide professional services for the consular legalization of foreign documents and put an apostille on foreign documents.


We provide services of consular legalization of documents and apostille on foreign documents for citizens and companies: certificates from registration authorities from abroad (certificates of birth, marriage, divorce, death, change of surname and name); certificates and other documents from foreign state and court registers for companies and company founders; court documents from abroad (court decisions, court sentences); certificates of no criminal record from abroad and other foreign documents abroad and provide services for the translation of documents.


Legalization of foreign documents is needed: for visa and citizenship abroad, for registration of marriage and divorce, for work abroad, for inheritance abroad, for the purchase and sale of real estate, for the adoption of children (international adoption), for the registration of companies abroad, for studying abroad and more.

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