Notary in Poland

Notary services and notary in Poland, notarization of real estate transactions, certification of constituent documents of companies, notarized translation in Poland and signature confirmation.

Notarial services, notary in Poland, registration of a transaction with a notary


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Notary services in Poland, certification of rights and legal facts, certification of agreements and contracts, legalization of inheritance, certification of the authenticity of copies of documents, other notarial actions. Polish notaries provide notary services for companies, entrepreneurs, citizens and foreigners.


Notary services - Notary in Poland:


  • Certification of transactions, certification of contracts for the purchase of real estate and land, agreement of donation, lease;
  • Marriage contract;
  • Certification of constituent documents of firms;
  • Certification of loan agreements, an agreement on the division of property and real estate;
  • Notarial deeds;
  • Notarized copies of documents;
  • Certification of powers of attorney;
  • Certification of the authenticity of the signature on the documents: the charter of the company, for the purchase and sale of property, on other documents;
  • Registration of inheritance and issuance of a certificate of the right to inheritance, registration of inheritance by will and by law, receipt of an application for acceptance or refusal of inheritance;
  • Executive letter of the notary;
  • Acceptance of securities and money for deposit, acceptance of documents for safekeeping;
  • Making protests of bills and sea protests;
  • Other notarial actions: acceptance of documents for storage, certification of the accuracy of the translation of documents.


A Polish notary has the right to engage in notarial activities only if he is licensed to engage in notarial activities.