Liquidation of companies, firm. Closure of business in Ukraine, Kiev, Kharkiv

Liquidation of Business

Our lawyers provide business liquidation services. We liquidate firms, companies, representative offices of foreign companies in most regions of Ukraine.


We provide legal services to liquidate companies in a general and fast manner.


Types of business liquidation:


  • voluntary liquidation of business: business owners make a decision to liquidate business in Ukraine and liquidation takes place in the general order
  • liquidation of business through the sale of corporate rights: there is a transfer of ownership to other founders, who then liquidate the business, sell it or continue to conduct business
  • liquidation of business through bankruptcy: liquidation of business through bankruptcy occurs forcibly through the court.


When liquidating business in Ukraine, the following issues are resolved:


  • protection of business from creditors' actions
  • collection of accounts receivable
  • liquidation of business
  • sale of business
  • change of founders
  • audit of financial activities and assets
  • change in share capital.


We provide legal services for the liquidation of business where the founders are individuals or companies.

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