Liquidation of a firm and a company abroad

Business liquidation abroad

Lawyers and accountants of a law firm provide legal services and support for the voluntary liquidation of business abroad by the decision of the owners of the company or the authorized body of the company, liquidation of the company through reorganization, liquidation of the company through the bankruptcy of the company through court or liquidation in another way. Legal services for the liquidation of a business and the closure of firms are carried out by specialists of a law firm in a general manner and urgently (urgent liquidation of a firm through the re-registration of corporate rights).

Closing a business


In the process of liquidation of a company, the activities of the company are terminated without the transfer of rights and obligations to another company. The decision to liquidate a company is taken by the founders, a court, or other competent authority. Often a company re-registration scheme is used and then the liquidation of the company. Companies can also be liquidated in the process of reorganizing a business (firm) with the transfer of property, rights, and obligations to other companies. There are different ways to reorganize companies.


Business liquidation services abroad: legal advice on liquidation of companies, business closure and support of company bankruptcy procedures, support of company bankruptcy procedures, re-registration of business abroad, re-registration of corporate rights, change of company director, change of company founders, preparation of business liquidation process (restructuring, reorganization), preparation of documents for the liquidation of companies and bankruptcy, return of assets from companies and return on investment, audit, liquidator services.


The law firm has a large international partner legal network abroad and the company's lawyers provide clients with services for closing a business abroad, carrying out the liquidation of companies, and supporting bankruptcy procedures abroad of any complexity. 

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