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Lawyer in Porto, legal consultation on Portuguese legislation, law firm in Porto, legal services in Porto for companies, citizens, and foreigners, defense and representation of interests in court

Lawyer in Porto and law firm in Porto

Porto, a charming and vibrant city situated in the north of Portugal, is not only renowned for its rich history and stunning architecture but also for its thriving legal services sector. For many years, our legal firm has been collaborating with law firms in Portugal and Portuguese lawyers in Porto. Thanks to this legal cooperation in Porto, we can provide clients of our company with legal assistance in Porto.


Legal services and a lawyer in Porto



Lawyers in Porto play a pivotal role in providing legal advice, representation, and support to clients across various sectors. Lawyers from Porto will provide legal services and lawyer services in Porto and legal support.


Legal services in Porto:


  • Legal consultation in Porto for citizens, and businesses; preparation of legal documents for court; representation of clients' interests in court; lawyer services for citizens and foreigners in Porto: defense in court. Obtaining documents from government authorities, apostille.
  • Real estate lawyer in Porto - Real Estate Law (commercial and residential real estate): legal support for real estate transactions in Porto, document verification.
  • Family lawyer in Porto: family law, divorce in court, and division of property, international divorce, marriage contract, alimony. 
  • Inheritance in Porto (real estate, business, bank accounts): inheritance lawyer in Porto, inheritance disputes in court, disputes between heirs, division of inheritance through court, inheritance registration.
  • Immigration services to Portugal - Immigration Law: visa applications, residency permits in Portugal, immigration lawyer services in Porto, preparation of immigration documents, immigration to Portugal (business immigration, investments, real estate purchase).
  • Legal support for companies in Porto: contracts, Due Diligence. Tax law in Portugal: optimizing tax structures, corporate taxation, tax consulting and optimization.
  • Company registration in Porto and corporate law: business establishment, preparation of company founding documents; corporate disputes.
  • Debt collection in Porto under contracts: debt collection lawyer in Porto; commercial litigation: commercial law in Portugal, represent businesses in commercial litigation, commercial disputes in court, and international commercial arbitration.
  • Intellectual property protection: registration and protection of intellectual property - IP lawyer in Porto, preventing unauthorized use and infringement.


Lawyers in Porto provide crucial guidance and representation in various legal matters, ensuring that individuals and businesses can navigate the legal system with confidence and ease.