Divorce in Portugal

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Divorce is an emotionally challenging and life-altering process, no matter where it takes place. In Portugal, seeking a divorce necessitates a thorough understanding of the legal system and its complexities. Divorce Lawyer in Portugal plays a pivotal role, providing expert guidance and support during this difficult time.


Divorce process - Divorce in Portugal:



In 1975, Portugal enacted a new family law code that revolutionized the divorce process, making it more accessible and less adversarial. In 2010, the law was further amended to introduce a mutual consent divorce, simplifying the dissolution of marriage when both parties agree to it.


Types of Divorce in Portugal:


  • Mutual Consent Divorce in Portugal. This is the most straightforward type of divorce in Portugal. If both spouses agree to end their marriage, they can file for a mutual consent divorce. The process is faster and involves less conflict compared to other types of divorce.
  • Contested Divorce in Portugal. When both spouses cannot reach an agreement on the terms of divorce, it becomes a contested divorce. In such cases, the assistance of a divorce lawyer becomes essential to advocate for the rights and interests of the respective parties..


A divorce lawyer is a legal professional specialized in family law, well-versed in the complexities of divorce proceedings. Their role extends beyond just offering legal advice; they serve as a pillar of support for their clients during emotionally charged times.


Legal services of a divorce lawyer in Portugal:


  • Legal Expertise in Portugal. A divorce lawyer possesses in-depth knowledge of Portuguese family law, enabling them to explain the legal process, rights, and obligations of their clients clearly.
  • Mediation and Negotiation in Portugal. In cases of mutual consent divorce, a lawyer can facilitate productive discussions between spouses, ensuring a fair and equitable settlement is reached.
  • Litigation in Portugal. In contested divorces, a divorce lawyer can represent their client in court, advocating for their interests and striving for a favorable outcome.
  • Documentation and Paperwork in Portugal. Divorce involves a considerable amount of paperwork and documentation. A divorce lawyer ensures that all required legal documents are correctly filled out and filed within the specified deadlines.
  • Child Custody and Support in Portugal. For divorcing couples with children, a divorce lawyer assists in determining custody arrangements and child support, keeping the child's best interests at the forefront.
  • Asset Division in Portugal. Dividing marital assets can be a complex process. A divorce lawyer helps ensure a fair distribution of property and finances according to Portuguese law.


Divorce is a difficult journey, but with the guidance of a skilled Divorce Lawyer in Portugal, the process becomes more manageable. Whether it's a mutual consent divorce or a contested one, having a knowledgeable legal professional by one's side can make all the difference.