International Law Firm Rubicon provides consulting services, legal services and attorney services to clients in many countries. Through a large international legal partner network of law offices and lawyers, we provide legal services, services of foreign lawyers and other specialists in various legal cases. Our law firm partners abroad: more than 170 foreign law firms and more than 450 foreign lawyers. More than 80% of our partners abroad are English-speaking lawyers.


  • legal services for citizens and businesses
  • representation in court and protection of interests
  • real estate and land, construction
  • business and investment, finance, financial markets, stocks
  • debt collection and debt settlement
  • immigration abroad
  • information technology and IT
  • agriculture, farming
  • hotel and restaurant business
  • intellectual and industrial property, copyright
  • transport and logistics
  • industry
  • trade, on-line trade
  • insurance and more.


Clients of the law firm (citizens and firms) are familiar with the successful practice of the company's professional lawyers and have been ordering legal services from us for many years. We are expanding the geography of legal services, we monitor the legislation of different countries in order to maximize the prompt and comprehensive solution of legal cases of clients.


The law firm's specialists provide legal services for businesses and citizens in 20 foreign languages. Legal services and advice from lawyers can be obtained by citizens and businesses from any country in the world. Through the legal website of a law firm, you can get legal advice on-line, find a lawyer and a specialist who will help you professionally solve the legal cases of a client in a country of interest.

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