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Law Firm Rubicon is an international law firm that provides professional legal protection of the rights and interests of clients, provides legal and consulting services for citizens and businesses in various legal cases.


Our advantages:


  • company in the international legal market since 2009
  • qualified legal service to get the result
  • legal experience in legal cases
  • confidentiality
  • attention when providing services to clients
  • professionalism of lawyers and managers
  • optimal and democratic cost of services
  • provision of professional services in foreign languages
  • training of lawyers and other specialists.


The law firm provides legal services of any different specialization to citizens and corporate clients, provides effective legal protection for citizens and firms. We help clients solve various legal cases and provide professional legal services.


Our partners are more than 170 law firms and more than 450 lawyers abroad. More than 70% of our partners abroad are English-speaking lawyers.


Law Firm Rubicon is a large team of experienced lawyers with extensive experience in jurisprudence and providing high quality legal services. Lawyers of a law firm are active members of professional legal associations. Our legal work is based on the principles of professional ethics when working with clients, honesty and respect, providing the client with all information, confidentiality and observance of legal secrets.


International Law Firm is an international legal partnership of professional lawyers that specializes in working on various legal cases. Our lawyers provide legal services in foreign languages. The law firm is developing: we open new offices of the law firm abroad; our lawyers undergo training and improve their qualifications, participate in scientific and practical conferences for the growth of their professional level; we are always open to young and ambitious lawyers, whom we help to grow professionally; we are expanding the range of legal services.

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