Protection of intellectual property and copyright in Ukraine

Intellectual Property Protection

Often, intellectual property is the object of illegal actions on the part of violators; therefore, there is a need for legal protection of intellectual property. The law firm provides Ukrainian and foreign clients with legal services for the protection of intellectual property rights in Ukraine and abroad. Intellectual property lawyers have extensive experience in the legal protection of intellectual property rights. The protection of intellectual property rights is carried out in court, administrative bodies, law enforcement agencies and out of court.

Intellectual property protection services:

  • legal advice for the protection of intellectual property rights;
  • legal analysis of the situation and determination of the method and options for legal protection;
  • collection of evidence of violation of intellectual property rights;
  • representation of interests in the Antimonopoly Committee, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine and other bodies;
  • registration of trademarks and copyrights of intellectual property;
  • pre-trial protection of intellectual property rights, pre-trial settlement of conflicts in case of unauthorized use of copyright objects;
  • negotiating with violators of intellectual property rights;
  • legal support in concluding licensing agreements for the use of intellectual property rights;
  • preparation of a claim to the violator with the requirement to terminate the violation of intellectual property rights;
  • counteraction of unfair competition;
  • judicial protection against violation of intellectual property rights;
  • preparation of documents for the court;
  • recognition and restoration of rights to intellectual property;
  • lawsuits on domain name rights;
  • patent disputes, trademark disputes, trademark and brand name disputes;
  • disputes over contracts for the creation and use of intellectual property;
  • preparation of expert opinions on objects of copyright;
  • termination of intellectual property infringement, damages, payment of compensation and penalties;
  • criminal protection from violation of intellectual property rights and comprehensive support in a criminal case;
  • invalidation of the decision of the state body in the field of intellectual property;
  • entering the intellectual property into the customs register;
  • withdrawal from circulation of goods manufactured in violation of intellectual property rights;
  • maintenance of enforcement proceedings and more.

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The most effective way to protect intellectual property rights is to obtain a certificate or patent for an object of intellectual property.


Advantages with proper protection of intellectual property:

  • competitive advantage
  • minimization of financial risks
  • additional profit
  • the possibility of profit from franchising
  • obtaining a security document on an intellectual property object
  • growth of business reputation and image of the company and more.

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Effective protection of intellectual property rights can be provided only by qualified intellectual property lawyers. We will help you choose the most effective way to protect the intellectual property rights of customers..


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