Insurance Lawyer in Ukraine

Insurance Lawyer in Ukraine

Insurance Lawyer and insurance law provides legal services in insurance matters and disputes with insurance companies, legal support of insurance contracts, protection of insured persons, collects insurance indemnity and insurance payments in court in Ukraine and services of an insurance lawyer abroadTypes of insurance legal services: auto insurance (auto insurance), cargo insurance and carrier liability, travel insurance, property insurance of citizens and companies, real estate insurance, life and health insurance.



Insurance Lawyer Services in Ukraine:

  • Legal Advice of an insurance lawyer
  • Legal assessment of insurance companies actions
  • Legal Support of examination and execution of documents
  • Preparing claims for the insurance company and other documents
  • Participation in negotiations with representatives of insurance companies
  • Representation of Interests in the Court on insurance disputes
  • Execution of the court decision on the recovery under the insurance contract and collection of insurance payments.

In most cases, the insurance company refuses to pay monetary compensation for damage under the insurance contract for the following reasons: damage occurred for other reasons not provided by the insurance policy, the nature of the damage does not correspond to the circumstances of the accident, the insured person did not timely contact the insurance company and did not provide all the necessary documents on time , the insurance company claims that there was no insurance accident.

Other situations when the insurance company refuses without grounds to withdraw insurance compensation: more than a month has passed since the day when the client provided all the necessary documents for payment of insurance compensation, but the insurance company does not pay the insurance compensation; employees of the insurance company refuse to accept documents from the client for payment of insurance compensation; the insurance company deliberately underestimates the amount of insurance payments; the insurance company makes an incorrect calculation of cost of insurance compensation and so on.

Our law firm provides legal services for representation of clients' interests before insurance companies in court and law enforcement agencies.

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