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Immigration to Spain

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The law firm provides legal services to foreign citizens on immigration to Spain, registration of a residence permit in Spain and registration of citizenship. The most relevant of the legal services in Spain is the legal assistance of a lawyer in obtaining a residence permit to live in Spain.



Spanish immigration law regulates issues of change of residence, applying for a visa to Spain, obtaining a residence permit in Spain (permiso de residence), obtaining Spanish citizenship and other issues of immigration law of the Kingdom of Spain. Legal services for immigration to Spain are provided in many cities in Spain.

Immigration services to Spain:

  • legal advice to a migration lawyer in Spain on immigration cases; collection of documents abroad for immigration to Spain, legal support and paperwork for immigration;
  • legal support for obtaining a visa to Spain and obtaining the right to temporary residence in Spain;
  • obtaining a residence permit in Spain (residence with the right to work, residence without the right to work, settled residence, residence through family reunification, residence after marriage registration, temporary and permanent residence);
  • obtaining on the basis of an "investor visa" in Spain (Golden Visa) through the purchase of real estate, investment in business and on other grounds;
  • obtaining Spanish citizenship;
  • extension of the period of temporary residence in Spain;
  • legal representation of interests in state bodies on cases of immigration to Spain (embassies, consular bodies, registration bodies, police and other bodies); appeal against the actions and decisions of the migration authorities in the administrative procedure and in court;
  • legal support by lawyers of migration cases in Spanish courts;
  • legal support for the purchase of real estate in Spain for immigration.


Every year, many people legally immigrate to Spain, which is a member of the European Union. Spain is an interesting country for immigration due to its high standard of living, economic stability and good climate. The main factor of immigration to Spain and obtaining a residence permit in Spain is the correct preparation and execution of documents, the choice of the best option for immigration to Spain.

Types of residence permits in Spain:

  • without the right to work, through a declaration of cash assets - autorización de residence temporal no lucrativa (availability of money, medical insurance, account in a Spanish bank, proof of residence in Spain, certificates of no criminal record from countries where a person has lived for the last 5 years, motivation letter, medical certificate);
  • with the right to work under an employment contract - autorización de Residence temporal y trabajo por cuenta ajena;
  • on the basis of Law No. 14/2013 - autorizaciones regadas por la Ley 14/2013);
  • for business immigrants - autorización de Residence temporal y trabajo por cuenta propia;
  • on the basis of settled residence, after confirmation of permanent residence in Spain for a certain period - autorización de residence temporal por circunstancias excepcionales por arraigo (you need to prove the person's permanent residence in Spain for 3 years, the presence of an employment contract for 1 year, you need a certificate of adaptation or kinship with residents or citizens of Spain, a certificate of no criminal record from the countries where the person has lived for the last 5 years.);
  • for students - autorización de estancia por estudios;
  • family reunification - autorización de Residence temporal por reagrupación temporal.


The Golden Visa supports investment and entrepreneurship in Spain and makes it easy to obtain a residence permit in Spain. The Golden Visa gives the investor the opportunity to reside in Spain for up to 1 year. On the basis of a golden visa, you can obtain a residence permit in Spain with the right to work. Legal grounds for obtaining a golden visa: buying real estate in the amount of 500,000 euros, investing in shares of Spanish companies, a deposit in the bank in the amount of 1,000,000 euros, purchase of government bonds in the amount of 2,000,000 euros, participation in business projects.


For each of the methods of immigration and residence permit in Spain there is a list of documents and registration procedure. The decision to obtain a residence permit in Spain or to obtain citizenship is made by the state authorities. None of the Spanish lawyers can give a 100% guarantee in this area of ​​legal services.


The criteria for migration in Spain are different and depend on the categories of countries, citizenship or residence of persons who apply for immigration to Spain. For citizens of the European Union and most Latin American countries, there is a preferential migration regime.

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