Divorce in Ukraine

Divorce in Ukraine

Divorce Lawyer in Ukraine provides legal services and and legal support of clients' interests in court on Family Law. Our family lawyers are professionals with extensive experience. A divorce lawyer minimizes financial losses and will provide professional legal advice to a lawyer and legal services of a lawyer in court. Also our lawyers solve the disputed issues during divorce in pre-trial. 

Family Lawyer in Ukraine

A special place is occupied by the issue of divorce, where one of the parties is a citizen of another country. Often the client does not have the opportunity to come personally to Ukraine to dissolve the marriage or does not want to. Lawyers for the divorce of a law firm in Ukraine provide services for the dissolution of marriage without the personal presence of the client. The divorce attorney for documents prepared for the court, the power of attorney, collect evidence, represent the client's interests in court, receive a court decision on divorce, legalize the court decision and send it to the client.

Family Lawyer Services in Ukraine

  • Legal Advice in Family Law
  • Deprivation of Parental Rights
  • Establishment of Paternity
  • Alimony.

Divorce with Foreign Citizens in Ukraine

The moment of dissolution of marriage in a judicial procedure is considered the entry into force of a court decision. Consequences of divorce: termination of personal and property relations of spouses, separation of property of spouses, real estate, alimony, deprivation of parental rights and other. After the divorce, the personal and property relations of the spouses cease, and the division of the property purchased in marriage passes. 

Division of Property in Ukraine

The proceedings in the divorce case are opened by the court on the basis of a statement of claim that is filed by one of the spouses or a lawyer.

English Speaking Lawyer in Ukraine

Divorce lawyer in Ukraine is necessary to protect your interests as much as possible, minimize financial risks, divide up property and resolve other important issues for the client.

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