Debt collection in Turkey from companies and citizens

Debt Collection in Turkey

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A lawyer for debts in Turkey provides legal support on issues that arise in the process of collecting debts in Turkey from citizens and businesses through the courts, in the pretrial order (without a court). Legal services for debt collection are provided in most cities in Turkey.



Debt collection from companies and citizens in Turkey is carried out under contracts, on the basis of a bill of exchange and on other legal grounds. Legal debt collection services in Turkey are provided in Russian, English and Turkish. A lawyer for debt collection in Turkey and for the settlement of debt obligations in Turkey will provide legal support for debt obligations out of court and through court in Turkey.

Debt collection services in Turkey:

  • Legal Advice in Turkey
  • Preparation of Debt Collection Documents
  • Legal Support for Debt Collection in Turkey
  • Protection of Interests in debt collection court
  • Representation of Interests in the process of debt collection.


The Turkish Law on Enforcement Proceedings and Bankruptcy provides an opportunity to legally and quickly recover debt without a court decision. Enforcement proceedings in Turkey are carried out by performers and other participants in legal relations for the collection of debts. To begin the process of debt collection, it is necessary to initiate enforcement proceedings. The collector, who wants to collect the debt, must send a notification to the debtor with a request for payment of the debt, in order to then have the right to demand a penalty and fines from the debtor. If, after notification of the demand for payment of the debt, the debtor has not repaid the debt, then the enforcement proceedings will begin and the executor will send the debtor an order for the payment of the debt within 7 days (on a bill of exchange 5 days). From the moment of notification of the debtor of the obligation to pay the debt after 10 days, if the debt is not paid, sanctions, inventory and seizure of the debtor’s property, bank accounts and other valuables are applied to the debtor.

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