Immigration to Turkey for foreigners

Immigration to Turkey

Turkey is a country with a comfortable climate, beautiful nature, beaches on the sea coast, a high standard of living and socio-economic development. Therefore, Turkey is of interest to citizens of many countries of the world for tourism and moving to a permanent place of residence (obtaining a residence permit and obtaining Turkish citizenship).



Turkish legislation provides for immigration opportunities for foreigners through investment immigration (investment in the economy, purchase of real estate, business registration, etc.).

Investment programs for immigration to Turkey:

  • Investments in real estate in Turkey: purchase of residential and commercial real estate in Turkey worth USD 250,000 (ban on selling this real estate for 3 years);
  • Investments in business in Turkey: registration of a company in Turkey, purchase of shares of companies or participation in the authorized capital of a Turkish company with a minimum investment amount of USD 500,000;
  • Financial investments in Turkey: opening bank deposits in Turkish banks, buying state shares, financial investments in Turkish real estate investment funds or venture capital funds, with financial investments from USD 500,000;
  • Creation of new jobs in Turkey for at least 50 Turkish citizens (confirmed by the Turkish Ministry of Labor and Social Security).


We provide legal support for investment migration to Turkey: preparation of documents, submission of documents for immigration to the competent migration authorities, representation of the interests of an immigrant before migration and other state bodies, notaries, support of investment projects, legal support of a real estate purchase transaction (representation of interests before a seller of real estate property), support of company registration and purchase of shares of Turkish companies, support of bank deposit contracts, organization and support of projects to create jobs, support in front of banks, companies, funds that are potential sources for investment and for migration to Turkey.

Benefits of Investment Migration to Turkey:

  • registration of Turkish citizenship (within 3-6 months), without a fixed period of residence as a resident of Turkey;
  • no need to speak Turkish;
  • no need to serve in the Turkish army;
  • no need to confirm the sources of income that are invested;
  • no need to go through an interview;
  • no need to provide information about the presence of a criminal record in Turkey or abroad;
  • entry without a visa to more than 115 countries (including Singapore, Japan, Qatar and South Korea);
  • family members can immigrate to Turkey (spouse, children under 18);
  • free schooling and the opportunity to study in Turkish universities with a scholarship;
  • full free medical care for the investor and his family members;
  • you can have, in addition to Turkish, citizenship of another country (Turkey allows two citizenships).


Our partners, lawyers, agents and other professionals in Turkey are experts in immigration law, commercial law, civil law, housing law, land law and banking law in Turkey. Our specialists provide services to clients in Russian, Turkish, English and other foreign languages. We provide legal support and assistance in obtaining and preparing documents in the countries of citizenship of immigrants.

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