Legal advice in Ukraine

Legal Advice in Ukraine

  • Legal Advice in Ukraine by Phone: +380 67 208 7615

The decision of a legal case always begins with legal advice of the lawyer. Our clients are Ukrainians, foreigners, Ukrainian and foreign companies. Professional legal advice will help the client to deal with various legal issues and understand the problem. Also, legal advice will help you choose the best ways to solve a problem or a legal dispute. Lawyers of our Law Firm have extensive legal experience and conduct legal consultations in various areas of law.

English Speaking Lawyer in Ukraine

  • Legal Advice in Ukraine of a Lawyer (WhatsApp, Viber): +380 67 208 7615

Criminal Lawyer in Ukraine

We provide legal advice on Ukrainian legislation in most regions of Ukraine. Also, our lawyers advise on legislation in other countries. Our lawyers will study the materials of the case or other documents and help you to understand the situation or problem. We provide consulting services for citizens and businessesLawyer advice cases: Criminal Law (protection for various criminal offenses); Family Law (registration of marriage and marriage contract, deprivation of parental rights, divorce, alimony, marriage contract, establishment of paternity); Civil Law (division of property); legal support of real estate transactions (residential and commercial real estate); Inheritance Law and registration of inheritance; Collection of Debts on contracts with companies and citizens; Insurance Law, compensation; Commercial LawBusiness Registration and Corporate Law (registration and liquidation of business); Customs Law, Tax Law; Immigration Law (migration services); Intellectual Property, Copyright and other services.

Family Lawyer in Ukraine

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Real Estate Lawyer in Ukraine

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Debt Collection in Ukraine

The structure of the Law Firm operates the Translation Agency of Foreign Languages. Therefore, We can provide legal services in more than 20 foreign languages


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