Real estate lawyer in Poland, legal support of transactions

Real Estate in Poland

A lawyer in real estate in Poland provides legal services in real estate (residential real estate, commercial real estate, land), provides legal support for the purchase and sale of real estate and for investment in real estate (Warsaw and Krakow). The services of a real estate lawyer and land in Poland are provided to citizens and companies. Legal services for real estate in Poland are provided in Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and English. Do you need a real estate lawyer in Poland?

Services of a real estate lawyer in Poland:

  • Legal Advice from a Real Estate in Poland
  • Preparation and Support of Real Estate Contracts in Poland
  • Representing Interests in real estate negotiations
  • Protecting Interests in Court in Poland for real estate matters and property rights disputes
  • Preparation of Court Documents on real estate disputes
  • Legal Verification of Real Estate before the transaction
  • Registration of a Real Estate Transaction with a Notary
  • Taxation of Real Estate and land transactions
  • The Division of Real Estate between the owners
  • Legal Support when buying property from the developer
  • Obtaining Permission to purchase real estate for foreigners in Poland
  • Sale of Real Estate Abroad and other services

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Need legal services for real estate in Poland? - call us! Our lawyers specialize in real estate law in Poland and have extensive legal experience in supporting real estate transactions. We will help you to solve different legal matters with real estate.

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