Family lawyer in Poland

Family Lawyer in Poland

Family lawyer in Poland provides clients with family law services in Poland in most cities in Poland. You can always use the services of a Polish family lawyer in Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and other languages. Our family lawyers in Poland specialize in Polish family law and have extensive experience representing clients on family disputes under Polish law.

Family Lawyer Services in Poland:

  • Legal Advice to a family lawyer in Poland;
  • Representation of a family lawyer in Poland;
  • Divorce in Poland, legal support and invalidation of marriage, negotiation to resolve legal issues that arise in the process of divorce, dissolution of marriage with a foreigner in Poland;
  • Division of Marital Property, settlement of disputes related to property and money;
  • Cmmunication with the child and child support, participation in raising the child;
  • Parental rights;
  • Paternity;
  • Adoption;
  • Marriage contract, development and maintenance of the conclusion and another.

real estate lawyer in Poland

Professional legal assistance of a family lawyer in Poland allows you to protect your client's interests as much as possible in the process of resolving a family dispute.

civil lawyer in Poland

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