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Law firm Rubicon gladly welcomes you on our website. By choosing us, you make a step towards the solution of your problems, which will be professional from a legal point of view, most optimal for the client and aimed to be the most effective at achieving the best results!


Why choose us?


Our company is an expert in the field. We offer a wide variety of legal services in Ukraine and 30 more countries starting from 2009 and we work with both individuals and corporate clients. We are being trusted for our long-lasting experience of legal support and the highest quality of the services we provide. 


  • Long-standing and successful practice
  • Highly qualified specialists
  • A wide spectrum of services provided
  • Affordable prices for the services provided
  • Guarantee to security and non-distribution of your personal data
  • High percentage of recurrent applications when needed and positive feedback from our clients


The main office of the Law firm Rubicon is located in Kharkiv, and we also have a partner company situated in downtown Kiev. We never stop at where we are and always aim to increase our level of professionalism and expand our field of activity.


As a result, in year 2015, we have opened a branch of Law firm Rubicon in Poland and a partner firm in Kharkov, which provides translation services. We’re also constantly expanding the list of services our company provides and adding new companies as our partners.


Our capacities


Our staff includes highly qualified attorneys, lawyers and other specialists in Ukraine (for example, certified translators). This is why Law firm Rubicon successfully solves the problems in the wide range of spheres and fields of legal practice:


  • Legal consulting
  • Lawyer services
  • Inheritance-related questions
  • Registration of business
  • Liquidation of business
  • Immigration to Ukraine
  • Immigration abroad (Visa support)
  • Reclamation of documents
  • Apostille and legalization
  • Translation Bureau
  • Copyrights protection
  • Real estate/land deals
  • Notary / accounting / customs cervices


Because our company is multi-oriented, we can apply a complex approach to our clients’ problems, saving time on designing the solution and looking for required specialists. Law firm Rubicon provides services in Ukrainian, Russian, English and other languages. Also, with us you’re able to get a professional on-line consultation of a lawyer or an attorney on any question that concerns you. We’re always ready to show our clients a few ways their problems can be solved. It is up to them to choose one that suits them best!


We offer the services of our best lawyers, attorneys and translators to people from Kharkiv and other regions of Ukraine as well as to those who live abroad.


On the web-site of Law firm Rubicon you can not only get legal consultations online . You can also find extended information on the services we provide, information about our team, feedback and recommendations from our clients, latest updates on the news, related to the field of law, prices for our services, various necessary URLs and a lot more important and useful information.


Law firm Rubicon will solve your problems with high professionalism and in no time!


We’ll deal with your troubles ourselves!



Our clients

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The Law Firm Rubicon is a Ukrainian Law company. The company has a successful reputation and is trusted by customers. Lawyers of the law firm provide services in Ukraine and abroad. We provide legal services on different legal issues: legal advice, layer's services (cases of different categories), defense in court, business registration, debt collection, registration and copyright protection, legal services for business, immigration and others.



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