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Law Firm Rubicon renders a wide range of legal services to domestic and foreign clients in the territory of Ukraine and abroad. Due to existence of big international partner legal network, we have an opportunity to involve in rendering legal services of foreign lawyers and other experts in more than 30 countries. Our legal partners abroad are more than 100 foreign law firms and more than 300 private foreign lawyers. More than 70% of our lawyers-partners abroad are Russian speaking and English speaking lawyers.


We provide legal services for businesses operating in various fields: industry, agriculture, banks and finance, construction, transportation, information, communications, trade, insurance, logistics and others.

Our clients are familiar with long-term and successful practice of the qualified lawyers and other specialists of Law Firm. We don't stand still and we seek for improvement and expansion of geography of rendering services. We carry out continuous monitoring of the legislation for the purpose of the most operational and comprehensive solution of the legal issues arising among clients.

The key partners of the Law Firm abroad carry out their legal activities in the following countries: Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, Israel and other countries.

Law Firm Rubicon provides legal services in Ukrainian, Russian, English and other languages. The services and consultations of our best lawyers can be used by residents of any region of Ukraine and residing in other countries. Through the site of the Law Firm Rubicon you can get legal advice on-line.

Law Firm Rubicon will solve your questions professionally and in the shortest possible time!

Services abroad: 

Poland  Turkey
Israel Switzerland 
Spain Czech Republic
Ukraine other countries





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