Commercial disputes in Turkey

Commercial law and commercial disputes in Turkey between companies, court disputes regarding contracts and compensation for damages in Turkey, commercial conflicts.

Turkish commercial law, commercial disputes in Turkey between companies, contract disputes

In Turkey, the legal framework for addressing commercial disputes is provided by Turkish Commercial Law, which is designed to ensure the effective resolution of such conflicts. These disputes can range from contractual disagreements to issues related to intellectual property, competition, or corporate governance. Turkey's commercial law is of great importance for conducting business. A commercial law attorney in Turkey provides services to businesses on matters of commercial law, taxes, consulting, contract law, and other business-related issues in Turkey. We provide legal services in the field of commercial law to Turkish and foreign companies in many cities in Turkey.


Commercial law and commercial disputes in Turkey:



Commercial disputes are an inevitable aspect of business transactions, occurring when disagreements arise between parties involved in commercial activities. Resolving commercial disputes in a fair and efficient manner is crucial for maintaining a healthy business environment and fostering economic growth. A commercial law attorney in Turkey provides legal assistance to clients in Russian, English, and Turkish. A Russian-speaking attorney specializing in commercial law and business matters in Turkey provides professional legal and business services to Turkish and foreign businesses in Turkey..


Legal services in commercial law in Turkey:


  • Consultation on commercial law in Turkey and other business matters.
  • Corporate law,registration of business in Turkey, branches of companies and representations of foreign companies.
  • Legal analysis and development of corporate documents and contracts.
  • Administrative appeals of acts of state authorities and appeals in court.
  • Legal support for transactions.
  • Negotiations on behalf and on behalf of clients.
  • Business immigration to Turkey.
  • Mediation.
  • Legal support for business.
  • Debt collection in Turkey.
  • Support for the bankruptcy procedure of companies and other legal services.


Turkish Commercial Law serves as the primary legal instrument governing commercial activities and disputes in Turkey. The main sources of Turkish Commercial Law include the Turkish Commercial Code, the Code of Obligations, and various regulations issued by governmental authorities.


One of the key features of Turkish Commercial Law is its emphasis on alternative dispute resolution methods. Mediation provides a voluntary and confidential process in which a neutral third party assists the disputing parties in reaching a mutually acceptable settlement.


On the other hand, arbitration involves the submission of a dispute to an impartial arbitrator or arbitral tribunal, whose decision is binding on the parties. These alternative methods help reduce the burden on the courts, expedite dispute resolution, and offer more flexibility and expertise in handling complex commercial matters.


When parties are unable to resolve their disputes through alternative methods, they can turn to the Turkish court system. The Turkish Commercial Court system consists of specialized commercial courts that handle cases related to commercial disputes. The Commercial Courts are well-versed in commercial law matters and possess the necessary expertise to deal with complex commercial issues effectively. In addition to the Commercial Courts, the Turkish legal system also includes specialized intellectual property courts and competition courts, which play a significant role in resolving disputes in their respective areas.


Furthermore, Turkish Commercial Law recognizes the importance of international trade and harmonization with international standards. Turkey is a member of various international organizations and has ratified numerous international conventions related to commercial law. This helps align Turkish Commercial Law with global practices and facilitates cross-border commercial activities. It also provides a framework for resolving international commercial disputes and enforcing foreign judgments and arbitration awards.