Turkish commercial law and business disputes

Turkish Commercial law

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Сommercial lawyer in Turkey provides business services in commercial law, taxes, contract law and other business matters in Turkey. A lawyer in commercial law in Turkey provides legal assistance to clients in Russian, English and Turkish. We provide commercial law legal services for Turkish and foreign companies in many cities in Turkey.



A lawyer in commercial law and business in Turkey provides professional legal and business services for Turkish and foreign businesses in Turkey.

Legal services in commercial law in Turkey:

  • Legal Advice on commercial law in Turkey and other business matters
  • Corporate Law, registration of business, branches of companies and representative offices of foreign companies
  • Legal Analysis and development of corporate documents and contracts
  • Administrative Appeal of acts of state bodies and appeal in court
  • Legal Support of Transactions
  • Negotiating
  • Mediation
  • Legal Support of Business
  • Support of Bankruptcy procedures of companies and other legal services
  • Immigration to Turkey through investment, business registration, purchase of real estate, residence permit in Turkey and Turkish citizenship.
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