Family Lawyer in the Czech Republic

Family Lawyer in the Czech Republic

Family lawyer in the Czech Republic provides legal assistance in family matters and family law of the Czech Republic in Prague and other cities. Czech family law services are provided by a professional Czech family lawyer who specializes in Czech family law and has extensive experience in family matters. We provide legal services in family law in the Czech Republic for Czech citizens and foreigners in Russian, Ukrainian, Czech and EnglishNeed a family lawyer in the Czech Republic?

Family Lawyer Services in the Czech Republic:

  • Legal Advice of a Family Lawyer in the Czech Republic
  • Preparation of Documents to the Court in the family case of the Czech Republic (application for divorce, application for division of property, etc.)
  • Representation in a Czech Court for family disputes and divorce
  • Representation of Interests in negotiations in solving issues related to family law in the Czech Republic, drawing up agreements and contracts
  • Preparation  of marriage contracts and more.

Czech real estate lawyer

If a family dispute cannot be resolved peacefully by agreement of the parties, then all family issues in the family case can be solved by our family lawyer in the Czech Republic.

Family Cases in the Czech Republic:

  • Divorce in the Czech Republic
  • Divorce with a Foreigner in the Czech Republic (international divorce)
  • Division of Property in the Czech Republic
  • Recognition of Marriage as Invalid through court (fake marriage)
  • Alimony in the Czech Republic
  • Deprivation of Parental Rights in the Czech Republic
  • Establishing Paternity in the Czech Republic
  • Adoption and more.


Professional assistance of a family lawyer in the Czech Republic will quickly resolve various family issues. A Czech family lawyer has extensive practical experience.


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