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Criminal prosecution in Poland for committing a criminal offense in Poland can lead to many negative consequences for Polish citizens and especially foreign citizens.
A lawyer in criminal cases in Poland, provides legal assistance to citizens and protection under the criminal law of Poland in the event of criminal prosecution for criminal offenses in Poland. Legal protection in criminal cases is provided in many cities in Poland.

Criminal Lawyer Services in Poland:

  • Legal Advice lawyer for the criminal law of Poland;
  • Defense by a lawyer in a criminal case in Poland;
  • Legal Analysis of a legal situation that has signs of a criminal offense;
  • Participation of a criminal lawyer during investigative actions;
  • Collection of evidence in a criminal case, the collection of documents, a lawyer's request;
  • Studying the materials of the criminal case;
  • Preparation of procedural documents in a criminal case;
  • Protection in criminal cases in law enforcement and at the stage of preliminary investigation;
  • Protection during the consideration of a criminal case in court;
  • Preparation of an appeal against a court sentence in a criminal case;
  • Legal support of extradition procedures in a criminal case


Specialization of a criminal lawyer in Poland: murder, drugs, weapons, smuggling, car theft, injuries, hooliganism, extortion, theft, robbery, robbery, traffic accidents, tax crimes, fraud, bribe, smuggling, economic crimes and others.


Particularly noteworthy is the occurrence of negative consequences associated with bringing to criminal responsibility in Poland foreign citizens. A foreigner who has committed a criminal offense in Poland has a very high risk of entering persons who are undesirable to stay in Poland on the Register, the risk of entering the register of persons who are banned from entering Poland and European Union countries - SIS and others.


Polish criminal lawyers have extensive experience in protecting the rights and legitimate interests of clients in criminal matters.
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