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Kharkiv, a vibrant city in Ukraine, has emerged as a hub for translation agency services, playing a pivotal role in facilitating communication and breaking down linguistic barriers. The demand for translation services into foreign languages in Kharkiv has significantly increased in recent years. Our foreign language translation agency in Kharkiv provides a wide range of translation services in more than 15 languages.


Languages for Translation in Kharkiv:


  • Russian
  • Ukrainian
  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Turkish
  • Polish
  • Czech
  • Greek
  • Lithuanian
  • Korean
  • Japanese


Translation services play a key role in overcoming language barriers and facilitating communication between individuals and organizations. When translating business documents, scientific research, legal contracts, or marketing materials, the accuracy and professionalism of these services can significantly impact the success of international enterprises.


Translation Services - Translation Agency in Kharkiv:


  • Document Translation - Written translation: Accurate translation of various documents.
  • Business and Legal Translation: Translation of business reports, contracts, patents, laws, court documents (court decisions and case materials), legal opinions, agendas, and legal documents ensuring accurate understanding by all parties involved. Notarized translation of documents and certification of written translation and translator's signature.
  • Sworn Court Translation of documents for courts and government agencies, certification of translation of official documents by an accredited court translator, services of a sworn translator in court, prosecution, government agencies, and certification of document translation by an accredited translator.
  • Translation of Personal and Corporate Documents (certificates, passports, references, certificates, powers of attorney, certificates, bank statements, education documents, resumes, contracts, founding documents, documents for tenders, financial and accounting documents, reports, declarations).
  • Localization of Software and Websites: Website localization services, translation and adaptation of websites, mobile applications, and software interfaces.
  • Editing and Proofreading to ensure the high quality of translations, review by qualified linguists of translated content and texts to ensure accuracy, consistency, and proper grammar.
  • Medical and Technical Translation: Specialized translation services for medical records, research papers, user manuals, and technical documentation.
  • Oral translation services: Oral translation at conferences, meetings, summits, negotiations, during business meetings, trips, and other events facilitating real-time communication between people speaking different languages, services of an oral interpreter's assistant.
  • Language Consultation: Language consultation services helping clients choose languages most suitable for their target markets.
  • Consular Legalization of documents and apostille in Kharkiv.


Kharkiv is a city with a rich tapestry of languages, reflecting its diverse population and historical influences. While Ukrainian is the official language, Russian, English, and other languages are also widely spoken. This linguistic diversity creates a need for reliable and accurate translation services to facilitate communication across various language barriers.


Advantages of the Translation Agency in Kharkiv:


  • Diverse Language Expertise: One of the key strengths of translation agencies in Kharkiv is their diverse language expertise. Translation agencies in the region boast a pool of skilled linguists. This diversity allows businesses to access translation services for a wide range of language pairs, catering to the specific needs of clients across industries.
  • Specialized Industry Knowledge: Kharkiv's translation agencies recognize the importance of specialized knowledge and often employ translators with expertise in various fields such as legal, medical, technical, and marketing. This ensures that the translated content not only accurately conveys the message but also adheres to industry-specific terminology and standards.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology Integration: To enhance efficiency and accuracy, translation agencies in Kharkiv leverage cutting-edge translation technologies. Machine translation tools, translation memory systems, and other advanced software aid in speeding up the translation process while maintaining consistency across documents.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Successful translation goes beyond mere linguistic accuracy; it requires a deep understanding of cultural nuances. Kharkiv's translation agencies prioritize cultural sensitivity, ensuring that translations resonate with the target audience and adhere to cultural norms.
  • Certified Translation Services: Kharkiv's translation agencies often provide certified translation services, essential for legal and official documents. Whether it's a legal contract, academic transcript, or medical report, certified translations assure the accuracy and authenticity of the translated content.


We provide translation services in accordance with ISO standards. Our agency serves clients in Ukraine and abroad. You can order services online and receive translations via courier service.


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