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Lawyer on Saltovka in Kharkiv provides services to citizens, foreigners and businesses.

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Lawyer services on Saltovka in Kharkov for citizens, foreigners and firms. Our lawyers provide legal services in the regions of Kharkiv, lawyer services in the Kharkiv region.

Lawyer services on Saltovka - Lawyer on Saltovka in Kharkiv:


  • Legal advice on Saltovka under the legislation of Ukraine; preparation of documents for the court; services in court and law enforcement, online legal services; attorney for foreigners on Saltovka;
  • Criminal lawyer on Saltovka: legal services of a criminal lawyer on Saltovka, preparation of documents, defense in a criminal case in court, prosecutor's office and police in the course of criminal investigation; development of strategy and tactics for defense in a criminal case; complaints and statements, appeal against decisions. Protection for various criminal offenses: murder, bodily harm, violent crimes, robbery, bribery, drugs, fraud, weapons, road accidents and other crimes;
  • Car accident lawyer on Saltovka: compensation for damage from road accidents; insurance lawyer on Saltovka: disputes with insurance, insurance compensation;
  • Family lawyer on Saltovka: representation in family disputes, divorce lawyer, divorce through court (divorce with a foreigner), international divorce, division of property, place of residence of the child, deprivation of parental rights, establishment of paternity through court, adoption of children; civil lawyer on Saltovka on civil disputes in court;
  • Real estate lawyer on Saltovka: housing law, legal support of real estate transactions, purchase of real estate by a foreigner, real estate verification;
  • Inheritance lawyer on Saltovka: inheritance law and registration of inheritance for an apartment, house, land, share, bank account, lawyer services for inheritance disputes, division of inheritance through the court;
  • Immigration lawyer on Saltovka: temporary and permanent residence permit, confirmation of the child's citizenship;
  • Debt collection lawyer on Saltovka: legal assistance in debt collection under contracts, support in enforcement proceedings, search for the debtor's property.
  • Registration of LLC with Ukrainian and foreign founders: preparation of constituent documents; liquidation of LLC and bankruptcy;
  • Legal support for firms and entrepreneurs: a lawyer for business, support for investment projects; preparation of contracts, the services of a lawyer in commercial law and disputes, a lawyer in administrative disputes;
  • Translation agency and translator services: written translation and notarization of translation of documents, legal translation; obtaining certificates from the registry office, apostille and consular legalization of documents.