Sale of a company in Poland

Sale of a company in Poland.

Sale of business and re-registration, sale of a company in Poland


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Entrepreneurs who previously registered companies in Poland are thinking about selling the company.

Sale of a company in Poland


Selling a business in Poland is relevant if there is no business activity, the costs of maintaining the company become large and time-consuming, as well as in a situation where the business makes a profit but no longer interests the owner and the owner wants to sell a working business and get money for the business. One of the options for re-registering such a business is selling corporate rights to third parties - selling the company. We help our clients to sell a working business in Poland or Polish companies in cities of Poland.


Selling a company is one way for the owner of a Polish company to re-register the business as a new owner. This option is possible if there is a buyer who wants to buy such a company. Demand is for companies that, during their activities, generated working capital in the account of companies that have a good credit history, have licenses and are VAT payers.


The process of buying a company in Poland:


  • Stage 1. Search for a company to buy. This is the most difficult and crucial stage. There are many offers on the market, but after negotiations, an oral agreement, the next step is to be carried out to determine whether this company will be interesting for purchase.
  • Stage 2. Audit. It is necessary in order to find out information about the company (the presence of tax reporting, the presence of tax debt, checking the balance of the company, the presence of accounts payable, what accounts receivable, specialists who work in the company, compliance with labor laws when employing employees and dismissing workers, and others). It is necessary to conduct a full check of the company in order to fully know the real situation in the company.
  • Stage 3. Registration of the sale of the company by a notary and re-registration of the company as a new owner. A notary certifies a sale of corporate rights. At this stage, the participation of corporate lawyers is required, who will prepare all the documents taking into account the interests of the client.
  • Stage 4. Registration of changes in the state judicial register (KRS). Visit with documents issued by a notary to the state office at the place of registration of the company.


When re-registering the company, the client receives a document that lists everything about the company, the types of activities of the company, the name of the company, the place of registration of the company (legal address of the company), the address of the company’s office and more. When preparing documents, a lawyer and a notary can make changes to company documents and to state registers in order to avoid future heavy expenses and visits to state bodies.