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  Power of Attorney for representation of interests in court


for the Cost of

Notary Services

  Notary Real Estate. Registration of property rights
  Registration of the inheritance from a Notary
  Making a Will
  Registration of the Transaction at the Notary
  Sale of real estate and legal registration of transactions
  Registration of the Loan Agreement at the Notary
  Mortgage Real Estate
  Marriage contract
  Certification by a Notary of Documents for Registration of а company
  Certificate of Marital Status
  Registration of Сompanies and Entrepreneurs
  Acceptance of Money and Shares on Deposit
  Notarized translation of the document and translation certification
  Services of a Notary to Foreigners (notarial services in a foreign language)

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A private notary in Kharkov, Kiev and other cities of Ukraine takes payment for notarial services by agreement with the client. Payment and prices for notarial services are determined individually for each case. Our regular clients receive a discount on the services of a private notary, on the preparation of documents, on other legal services. 

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The private notary also provides other notarial services: registration of permission for a child to travel abroad; permission for registration of a passport for a child to travel abroad; execution and transfer of applications, certification of signatures on the company's bank card, certification of constituent documents of companies, certification of contracts, certification of testament, notarization of copies of certificates and other documents, certification of translator's signature on the translation of the document and others.

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