Liquidation of Business in Ukraine

Liquidation of Business in Ukraine

Our lawyers provide business liquidation services. We provide legal support in the liquidation of LLC, JSC, entrepreneur, representative office of a foreign company. The liquidation of a business in Ukraine (voluntary liquidation by decision of the owners of the company or the authorized body of the legal entity) or through the process of forced liquidation (through bankruptcy by court order). The law firm provides legal support services to companies that are in the process of reorganization, reorganization or liquidation, and also accompanies bankruptcy proceedings.



Stages of liquidation of a business in Ukraine:

  • Decisions on liquidation of the company (made by the founders, the court or the competent authority), notification of the tax inspectorate on liquidation, legal and financial examination of the company before opening bankruptcy proceedings - proactive audit, legal advice on legal grounds for filing an application for bankruptcy and legal consequences of initiating proceedings bankruptcy;
  • Appointment of a liquidation commission or liquidator, notification of the tax inspectorate about the appointment of a liquidator, preparation of the company at the beginning of bankruptcy proceedings, representation of interests in court;
  • Publication of the decision on the liquidation of the enterprise and notification of creditors;
  • Preparation of an interim liquidation balance sheet, approval of the liquidation balance sheet and its transfer to the tax office;
  • Accountant services for the liquidation of firms and businesses;
  • Certification of the liquidation balance sheet and submission of documents by the liquidator to the tax office, exclusion of the company from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.


After conducting an initiative audit, which includes: tax audit, accounting audit, financial audit, legal audit, the client receives reliable information about the state of the company. Companies may be terminated during the reorganization of the enterprise. Reorganization of an enterprise is the process of transferring all assets, rights and obligations to other companies. Types of reorganization of companies in Ukraine: company merger, company merger, company division and company transformation. The reorganization of the company is needed to improve the debtor company through the provision of financial assistance.

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