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All employees of Law Firm Rubicon are highly skilled multi-field specialists, who are ready to provide the highest level of service to our clients in all fields of legal relations. It is due to the combined effort of our team, who is always ready to afford assistance to people. Law Firm has become an active player on the market of legal services.


Employees of our business accumulate their experience due to constant inflow of various interesting orders as well as proper mentorship and opportunities for internships abroad. Experienced specialists are always ready to share their theoretical and hands-on knowledge with the youth, for whom all the conditions do develop their professional career are created.


As our firm develops constantly, we will always welcome young, active and ambitious people in our team, who are also focused on innovative approach to solving the arising issues. Working in a successful legal company, you will have an interesting and well-paid job, be able to start personal networking and establish yourself as a professional lawyer.


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