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We are interested in new partners in the Singapore to provide services to clients in different jurisdictions: lawyers, law firms, consulting firms, notaries, translation agencies and other companies.


We are interested in cooperation in the Singapore to provide legal services in the following areas:



If you are interested in organizing cooperation on legal cases in the Singapore, please send us information and contacts for negotiations.


Lawyers provide legal and consulting services in Singapore for business, provide legal support for international commercial and investment projects. Registering a business in Singapore gives you the opportunity to legally increase your profits.


Legal services in Singapore:


  • legal advice in Singapore on company registration, legal services and representation of interests in court and government bodies; legal services for foreign business in Singapore and support of negotiations;
  • company registration in Singapore: nominee services for business (legal address, agency services, secretarial services, agency services for servicing and receiving correspondence), accounting services and reports, preparation of corporate documents, tax optimization, opening a bank account; legal support for offshore companies; migration of an offshore company to other offshore jurisdictions (redomiciliation); business registration abroad;
  • legal support of transactions for the purchase and sale of business in Singapore, investments and investment transactions;
  • debt collection in Singapore and international commercial disputes: international commercial arbitration, debt collection under contracts, legal support in the collection process, debt collection abroad from firms;
  • real estate lawyer (commercial real estate and residential real estate): legal support of real estate transactions, search for commercial real estate for investment; buying real estate abroad;
  • immigration abroad through business, investment, purchase of real estate (residence permit and citizenship - residence).
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