Legal Advice in Poland

Legal Advice in Poland


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Lawyers in the Polish Law Office provide legal services in Poland to citizens and firms (legal advice in Poland, preparation of legal documents, lawsuits, commercial contracts, marriage contracts, legal defense of interests in various types of legal proceedings in many Polish cities and abroad). Polish lawyers provide legal services in Poland in Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and English. Need a lawyer in Poland?

Representation and Legal Defense in Poland:

  • Family Law in Poland, divorce, alimony, contact with children, deprivation of parental rights, preparation of marriage contracts, assistance in the division of property and inheritance under an agreement; Civil Law of Poland; Polish Criminal Law, representing the interests of victims in criminal proceedings, protecting defendants in a criminal case; Inheritance Law in Poland, declaration of inheritance, registration of inheritance; Polish migration laws; business immigration; Polish Insurance Law, compensation for damage to property and compensation for damage to health from insurers, compensation from Auto Casco and civil liability of the perpetrator; preparation of court documents: litigation, objection to the payment procedure, complaints, appeals and cassations, a statement on the resumption of proceedings; representation of consumers in disputes with entrepreneurs; representation of clients before bailiffs, appeal against illegal actions, complaints about the actions of bailiffs; enforcement of court decisions in Poland and decisions of foreign courts in Poland and abroad;
  • Commercial Law, tax, commercial and administrative law, representation of clients in disputes with administrative authorities, administrative disputes in administrative bodies, administrative disputes in administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court, labor law (termination and termination of an employment contract, reinstatement, payment of wages and compensation), representation of employees in disputes with employers; preparation and issuance of conclusions on contracts, assistance in the conclusion and termination of contracts; conflict resolution; corporate law and Registration of Companies in Poland, disputes between shareholders, liability of board members for company obligations, bankruptcy and reorganization of companies, Liquidation of Companies, assistance in declaring bankruptcy, enforcement of court decisions; Intellectual Property in Poland; intellectual property protection; Representation of client's interests in litigation in various categories; Sale of Companies in Poland;
  • Legal Support of Real Estate Transactions in Poland; real estate and construction, legal services in real estate transactions, determination of the legal status of real estate, procedures for registering plots, disputes related to claims of the parties in the process of investing and building, disputes regarding subcontracting of construction works and contracts for construction works, disputes under lease agreements;
  • Debt Collection in Poland, negotiations on settlement, support of procedures and proceedings, dispute resolution, litigation and enforcement proceedings; arbitration and commercial disputes in arbitration courts, representation of interests; law of obligations and debt collection in Poland; International Arbitration and economic disputes in arbitration courts, representation of interests; usługi mediacyjne in conflict resolution and more.

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