Lawyer services in Ukraine

Professional legal services of a lawyer in Ukraine for various categories of legal cases. Lawyer services in Ukraine. Legal services of lawyers for companies and citizens. Legal defense by a lawyer in court, prosecutor’s office, police and other authorities in Ukraine.

Legal services of a Ukrainian lawyer, lawyer services in Ukraine

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A Law Firm in Ukraine and abroad provides legal services of a lawyer for citizens (private legal services) and lawyer services abroad: legal advice of a lawyer, preparation of legal documents, protection of the interests of citizens and foreigners in court and state bodies in legal matters of varying complexity and different categories, representation interests in enforcement proceedings in most regions of Ukraine and abroad.


Legal protection - Lawyer services in Ukraine:


Law firm services - Lawyer services in Ukraine in other cities:


Legal assistance - Lawyer services in Ukraine:


  • Legal advice of a lawyer for citizens in Ukraine, legal advice of a lawyer online, study and legal analysis of legal documents, assessment of the judicial perspective of a legal case, professional legal examination of contracts and other legal documents, consulting support by a lawyer when considering a case in court, legal support for negotiations, settlement of legal disputes and mediation; a collection of information and legal investigation; obtaining documents in Ukraine and abroad;
  • Preparation of legal documents, preparation of procedural documents: a statement of claim to the court, an appeal, a lawyer's request, and other procedural documents, information support of a judicial legal process in court;
  • Legal proceedings in court in Ukraine and abroad: representation and protection of interests by a lawyer in court (court of the first instance, appeal, cassation), representation and defense in law enforcement agencies (police, prosecutor's office) and public authorities, in front of citizens; settlement and resolution of disputes and conflict situations;
  • Legal services for foreigners in Ukraine, the services of a lawyer in a foreign language, and the services of a translation agency of foreign languages ​​(interpretation and translation of documents).


Specialization of lawyers in Ukraine:


  • The family law of Ukraine - legal services of a lawyer in family cases (divorce between citizens of Ukraine, international divorce in Ukraine and divorce with a foreigner), settlement of property disputes and division of property, determination of participation in raising a child and deprivation of parental rights, the judicial establishment of paternity, settlement of family disputes, marriage contract, legal support for the adoption of a child in Ukraine and international adoption of children by foreigners;
  • Defense in criminal cases - services of a criminal lawyer in cases of various categories, legal assistance of a lawyer in an accident (road accident with grave consequences and death);
  • Inheritance cases, services of a lawyer to inheritance and registration of inheritance by law and by will, legalization of inheritance through court, registration of inheritance for a foreigner, preparation of documents for registration of inheritance, the establishment of a legal fact, and recognition of a person as dead;
  • Residential real estate and housing law of Ukraine - services of a real estate lawyer: legal support of transactions with residential real estate and land, real estate verification, purchase of the real estate by foreigners in Ukraine, preparation and support of the purchase and sale of real estate by foreigners in Ukraine, real estate registration;
  • Debt collection under civil law contracts from citizens and compensation for damage for harm, seizure of accounts and property of the debtor, representation of interests in enforcement proceedings;
  • Collection of insurance payments and disputes with insurance companies - lawyer in insurance law: a collection of insurance compensation under an insurance policy; medical law: healthcare and pharmacology, recovery of compensation for harm, compensation for treatment, protection of patients' interests in court;
  • Immigration law - Ukrainian lawyer for immigration to Ukraine: registration of a residence permit for a foreigner in Ukraine, obtaining Ukrainian citizenship, work permit and preparation of documents for immigration to Ukraine, immigration abroad, preparation of documents for immigration and visa processing.