Lawyer in Mexico

Legal services in Mexico, legal advice, lawyer in Mexico for citizens and companies, legal defense in court

Адвокат в Мексике

Lawyers in Mexico are specialists in Mexican and international law. Mexican lawyers conduct legal cases for clients in many cities of Mexico: Mexico City, Guadalajara, Leon, Monterrey, and Ciudad Juarez.



Our clients in Mexico are Mexican citizens and foreigners, Mexican and foreign companies in various economic and legal cases.


Services of a law firm in Mexico:


  • Legal advice on Mexican law; lawyer services in Mexico (legal assistance and protection), representation in court: family law, inheritance law, insurance law, commercial law, tax law, transactions, real estate, services for foreigners; representation of interests in courts;
  • Family lawyer in Mexico: family law services, the divorce between citizens and foreigners, international divorce in Mexico, division of property after divorce; insurance disputes with insurance companies, insurance payments, compensation, and damages;
  • Real estate lawyer in Mexico and support: services of a real estate lawyer, support for real estate transactions, risk analysis, and real estate verification;
  • Inheritance lawyer in Mexico: registration of inheritance for real estate, business, account, division of inheritance and inheritance law, collection of documents for registration of inheritance, inheritance for a foreigner;
  • Debt collection in Mexico under contracts: international commercial arbitration and disputes, collection support, search and seizure of assets and property of the debtor.


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