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Legal services, lawyer in Plzen for individuals and companies, legal consultation, court defense in Plzen, representation of interests.

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A law firm in Plzen provides legal services to citizens and companies (legal services and assistance to foreign clients and Czech citizens). These services encompass a wide array of practice areas, ensuring that clients can find expert advice and representation tailored to their specific needs.


Legal services - lawyer in Plzen:



The legal system in the Czech Republic offers protection and safeguards for individuals and entities. Lawyers in Plzen provide legal services and assistance in various legal cases. Legal services in Plzen are provided by professional lawyers.


Legal services in Plzen:


  • Legal consultation in Plzen: consulting services for citizens, foreigners, and businesses; preparation of legal documents for court; representation of clients' interests in court; lawyer services in Plzen: defense in court. Obtaining documents from government authorities (certificates), apostille on documents; translation agency services, certification of document translation.
  • Real estate lawyer in Plzen (residential real estate and commercial): legal support for real estate transactions involving commercial and residential real estate, document verification, property ownership registration.
  • Family lawyer in Plzen and family law: divorce proceedings, international divorce, property division in divorce.
  • Inheritance in Plzen: inheritance registration (real estate, business, and bank accounts), inheritance lawyer in Plzen, inheritance disputes in court.
  • Company registration in Plzen and corporate law: business establishment in Plzen, preparation of company founding documents, foreign investments.
  • Legal support for сompanys in Plzen, contracts, corporate disputes and commercial law; tax law and taxation, tax consulting and optimization; insurance disputes, insurance lawyer.
  • Debt collection from companies in Plzen: debt collection lawyer in Plzen, commercial disputes and arbitration.


Lawyers in Plzen have extensive legal experience in various areas of Czech legislation.


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