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Lawyer in Denmark for businesses and citizens, legal services and support for companies in Denmark, law firm in Denmark, legal services for foreign companies and foreigners.

Lawyer in Denmark, law firm in Denmark


The company's office in Denmark is not open.


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A law firm in Denmark provides legal services, legal support, and lawyer services for companies and citizens. 


Legal services and lawyer in Denmark


Lawyers in Denmark provide services to clients from Denmark and foreigners.


Services of a law firm in Denmark:


  • Legal advice of a lawyer in Denmark; services of a lawyer in Denmark, defense in court, preparation of documents for the court, execution of a court decision; family law (divorce and division of property, international divorce), insurance law, lawyer for foreigners in Denmark;
  • Support by a lawyer of real estate transactions in Denmark, representation of interests in concluding real estate transactions; support of transactions for the sale and purchase of a real estate for foreigners and firms;
  • Registration of inheritance in Denmark, acceptance of an inheritance, inheritance litigation, inheritance law;
  • Collection of debts from companies and citizens in Denmark, search for the debtor's assets, reimbursement of costs; debt collection abroad, and international commercial arbitration.


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