Lawyer in Bucharest

Legal services and lawyer in Bucharest, legal advice, legal defense in court and lawyer assistance for companies, citizens, foreigners in Romania.

Lawyer in Bucharest for companies and citizens


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The law firm in Bucharest provides services to clients under Romanian law, lawyer services, legal support and legal assistance to citizens, foreigners and firms in legal cases of various categories.


  • Legal advice
  • Business support
  • Commercial disputes
  • Companies verification
  • Company registration
  • Debt collection
  • Real estate lawyer
  • Disputes in court
  • Family law
  • Divorce in court
  • Inheritance law
  • Criminal law
  • Romanian citizenship
  • Documents


Experienced Romanian lawyers in Bucharest provide clients with qualified legal support in other cities of Romania.


Services of a law firm in Bucharest:


  • Legal advice on legislation: written and oral consultation, preparation of legal documents for the court and other bodies; services of a lawyer in Bucharest: defense in court and representation of interests; lawyer for foreigners;
  • Immigration services (Romanian citizenship and Romanian passport): lawyer in Romanian immigration law, support and preparation of a package of documents for immigration; residence permit, visa processing and obtaining work and residence permits, obtaining a residence card;
  • Criminal lawyer: defense in criminal cases in court, police, prosecutor's office, tax authorities; defense in criminal proceedings in court and preparation of documents in the course of a criminal case; appeal; insurance legislation (disputes on insurance cases);
  • Family Lawyer in Bucharest: supporting the process of divorce in court, divorce from a foreigner, paternity and parental rights, international divorce, residence of the child, confirmation of a foreign divorce, division of property in a divorce; civil disputes;
  • Lawyer for real estate and transactions: legal support for transactions and investments in residential and commercial real estate, purchase of real estate by foreigners; contracts; disputes in real estate court;
  • Inheritance lawyer in Bucharest and inheritance law: registration of inheritance rights (real estate, business, bank account, property); preparation of documents for registration of inheritance, inheritance disputes in court;
  • Debt collection from firms under contracts: development of a debt collection strategy, support of the collection process; arbitration and settlement of debt obligations without trial, pre-trial debt collection; seizure of property and assets of the debtor;
  • Registration of companies in Bucharest: preparation of registration and corporate documents; business registration for foreign clients; transactions with corporate rights; registration of a Limited Liability Company - SRL, Joint-Stock Company - SA, subsidiary, representative office of a foreign company, UFI, family business; changes in constituent documents; corporate disputes between shareholders and settlement;
  • Legal support of companies: representation, tax optimization, development of commercial contracts; registration and protection of intellectual and industrial property; verification of firms and contractors; support of contracts;
  • Commercial disputes and representation in court, contracts disputes; administrative disputes.