Investing in StartUp

Financial investments in StartUp, search for investments and investors, support of investments in investment projects.

Financial investments in StartUp, startup investing

The law firm, together with partners, provides legal services and support for StartUp projects, provides legal support for registration and protection of intellectual and industrial property, assists in the search for investments (investors) for the development, implementation and entry into the wide market of StartUp-s. We work with investors, IT companies, law firms from more than 10 countries.


Support of investment projects - Investments in StartUp:



Do you need financial investments to implement and promote Startup? We assist in organizing and supporting the entire process for the development and implementation of StartUp projects: studying the prospects of the investment project, evaluating the project, developing a promotion, development strategy and identifying options for cooperation, evaluating the profitability of the project, entering the project on the market, collecting and preparing all the necessary documents , opening and organizing a business, attracting investments in StartUp, preparing presentations for private investors and conducting negotiations with investors, supporting transactions for the sale of StartUp and shares in business, IT consulting, providing infrastructure for work, development and further implementation of the project and other services. We work with Startup, which are at different stages of development, promotion and implementation.


When working on attracting investments, we work in a variety of areas: working with business partners, participating in conferences, forums, meetings, presentations, participating in ideas contests, working with private investors - business angels, working with venture funds and other potential investors.


Our main goal is the search, assistance, support and promotion of promising and potential projects that have potential and development prospects, and as a result, the provision of these projects to our partners and clients with a view to their further investment and growth.