Translation agency in Bologna

Services of a translation agency in Bologna for business and citizens, translation of documents in Bologna and legal translation of documents, translation services in court in Bologna, interpreter in Bologna

Professional translators of a translation agency in Bologna carry out written translations of various subjects in foreign languages, translation of texts and documents, and translation certification.


Translation services in Bologna:


  • Written translation in Bologna (texts and documents): translation of personal documents of citizens (certificates, passports, powers of attorney, driver’s licenses, bank statements, education documents, CV, medical documents); translation of company documents (contracts, constituent documents, powers of attorney, tender documents, accounting documents and reports, declarations); commercial translations (software and websites, catalogs, presentations, and other printed materials);
  • Legal translation in Bologna: laws, court documents (court decisions and case files), legal opinions, subpoenas;
  • Sworn and court translation in Bologna (accredited sworn translator in Bologna): services of a sworn translator in court, prosecutor’s office, state bodies, and translation certification by an accredited Italian translator;
  • Interpretation of conferences, meetings, summits, and negotiations, interpreter services during business meetings and trips; services of an interpreter assistant and a tourist guide; electronic correspondence translation;
  • Translation and preparation of documents for citizenship and for obtaining a residence permit in Italy: preparation of the Italian residence permit application package and its prolongation (transfer of a residence permit to another type), permanent residence permit, applying for obtaining Italian citizenship; obtaining identity cards and driver’s licenses;
  • Obtaining documents (duplicates) from state bodies; apostillization and legalization for submission to government agencies and abroad.


Topics of translations in Bologna: law, economics, scientific literature, technology, medicine and pharmacology, computer science and IT, tourism and advertising, literary translation; business and personal correspondence.

Translation languages: Italian, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, French, Greek, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Armenian, Georgian, Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Latin.


Order a written translation in Bologna


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4. After payment and completion of the order, we will send you the finished translations (via postal services: Italy Post, DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, or other services).