Intellectual Property Lawyer in the Czech Republic

Intellectual Property Lawyer in the Czech Republic

Intellectual Property Lawyers (Duševní Vlastnictví) in the Czech Republic provide legal services for Czech and foreign clients on registration and protection of intellectual property in the Czech Republic, provide services to clients in cases of protection against unfair competition, and provide legal support in the field of intellectual property. The Basic Law of the Czech Republic, which regulates copyright - Act No. 121/2000 Coll., “On Copyright and Copyright Rights”. Legal services in intellectual property in the Czech Republic are provided in Russian, Ukrainian, Czech and English. Need an intellectual property lawyer in the Czech Republic?

Intellectual Property Services in the Czech Republic:

  • Legal Advice on Intellectual Property and copyright in the Czech Republic
  • Representation of the Rights of the Owner of Intellectual Property, support of negotiations, development of support of contracts for the use of the object of intellectual property
  • Franchising in the Czech Republic (frenzyzing)
  • Intellectual Property Protection in the Czech Republic
  • Trademark Registration in the Czech Republic, international registration and preparation of documents
  • Copyright Registration in the Czech Republic for computer programs, works of art and literature, for musical works
  • Patent Disputes in the Czech Republic on intellectual property issues
  • Restoration of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Intellectual Property Dispute Resolution in the Czech Republic
  • Cessation of Intellectual Property Infringement in the Czech Republic
  • Bringing Responsibility for the Violation of Intellectual Property rights in the Czech Republic, collecting evidence of a violation
  • Inheritance of Intellectual Property and more.

protection of intellectual property in the Czech Republic

Intellectual Property Systems of the Czech Republic:

  • copyright
  • rights to the results of creative and inventive activity
  • sound record creator right
  • right to create an audiovisual record
  • broadcasting and television broadcasting right
  • designation rights
  • industrial property rights
  • trademark right
  • geographic designation right
  • right to designate a place of origin
  • general rights of the individual

legal support of firms in the Czech Republic

Proper registration of intellectual property rights in accordance with Czech and international law is a guarantee of maximum protection of your Czech interests.


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