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Legal assistance in family cases in Spain is one of the main areas of legal services of our lawyers in Spain. Legal support in family disputes in Spain is needed by clients in legal disputes between spouses, to sign a contract to regulate relations between spouses, to resolve other legal issues of family and children. Family lawyers in Spain provide legal assistance and support in many cities in Spain for Spanish and foreign clients.



In most regions of Spain, marriage and family issues are regulated by the Civil Code of 1889, and in other regions of Spain by local family law (Catalonia, Balearic Islands).

Family lawyer services in Spain

  • legal advice to a family lawyer in Spain, coordination of a legal position in a family dispute and determination of a strategy for resolving family cases; legal support for the registration of marriage in Spain and the conclusion of marriage with a foreigner, search and legal analysis of documents for registration of marriage in Spain; residence of spouses after divorce and divorce;
  • preparation of legal documents on Spanish family law; legal support of contractual legal relations in Spanish family law (marriage contract, property regime of spouses, agreement on the payment of alimony, agreements on determining the place of residence of children);
  • representation of interests in family cases in Spain before third parties, notaries and registration authorities;
  • representation by a lawyer on family cases in Spanish courts, conduct of family cases by a lawyer in courts; support by a lawyer on the division of property of spouses in Spain;
  • legal support of cases of adoption in Spain and international adoption by a lawyer, legal support of guardianship;
  • international protection in family cases, preparation and filing of complaints to the European Court of Human Rights;
  • legal support of negotiations on family disputes in Spain, mediation and settlement of family disputes.


Spanish national legislation provides for 3 regimes of property of spouses: the regime of common joint ownership (sociedad de gananciales), the regime of separate ownership (separación de bienes) and the regime of participation in profits (participación en las ganancias). There is also a separate legal regime for the separation of spouses without divorce (separación).



Our family lawyers in Spain provide legal assistance to clients in national and international family disputes. Lawyers in Spanish family law provide legal services in family disputes with a foreign element (the spouses have citizenship of different countries or the spouses live in different countries; the property was bought by the spouses in marriage and is located in different countries; the barrack is registered in one country and then the spouses moved to a permanent place residence in another country). In these cases, it is necessary to determine the jurisdiction, the competence of the authorities of different countries and according to the legislation of which countries the family dispute will be resolved.

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