Commercial law of the Czech Republic, legal support of business

Legal Support of Business in the Czech Republic

Czech lawyers in business and commercial law of the Czech Republic provide legal services for businesses on Czech legislation and provide legal support services for businesses in the Czech Republic. Legal services for firms in the Czech Republic are needed for firms that have high monetary turnovers, as well as for firms that work with foreign partners. Our business lawyers in the Czech Republic provide legal services to support the activities of the LLC (s.r.o.) firms, individual entrepreneurs - private enterprises, joint-stock companies and cooperatives. Our clients are Czech and foreign companies. Professional legal services in the Czech Republic enable businesses to operate in a normal manner, minimize risks, and also increase profits and business stability. Lawyer services in business and legal support of firms in the Czech Republic are provided to clients in Prague and other cities of the Czech Republic in Russian, Czech and English. Need legal support services in business in the Czech Republic?

Legal support services for businesses in the Czech Republic:

  • Legal Advice on Business in the Czech Republic
  • Tax Advice for businesses in the Czech Republic, tax consulting and tax optimization
  • Preparation and Analysis of Legal Documents and company documents, contracts and foreign economic activity, preparation of recommendations for amendments to the constituent documents of firms, preparation of opinions on legal risks
  • Representation of Business Interests in state administrative and regulatory bodies
  • Corporate Law and business registration, closing and bankruptcy of firms
  • Representation of a Company in Court: criminal law, commercial law, administrative law, insurance law, tax law, customs law
  • Legal Support of Transactions with Corporate Rights (transactions for the sale of companies and businesses), support of lease agreements and transactions with commercial real estate
  • Debt Collection under contracts, arbitration, mediation
  • Intellectual Property disputes
  • Collection of Information on contractors and analysis of company documents
  • Representation at Negotiations by partners, preparation of documentation and another.

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The provision of legal services for business support in the Czech Republic is carried out on the basis of a contract for legal services to firms in the Czech Republic. Signing a contract for legal services to a company in the Czech Republic, reducing the cost of maintaining its lawyers and attorneys allows you to involve highly qualified lawyers in the provision of legal services.

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A professional Czech business lawyer is the basis for the successful conduct and development of business in the Czech Republic. Legal services for companies in the Czech Republic are provided on an ongoing basis in accordance with Czech and European legislation.

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