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Criminal Lawyer in Turkey

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Criminal lawyer in Turkey provide legal services to Turkish citizens and foreigners on matters of criminal defense. The lawyer for criminal law in Turkey provides protection services in the criminal process in cities of Turkey.



Our criminal lawyers in Turkey protect clients in criminal cases and defend the rights of the suspect, accused, defendant and the victim in court, police and other bodies in Turkey. Turkish criminal lawyers provide legal services in criminal matters in Russian, Turkish and English. A criminal lawyer in Turkey will provide legal protection services for criminal offenses in Turkey.

Criminal Lawyer in Turkey:

  • Legal Advice of a Criminal Lawyer in Turkey;
  • study of the criminal case, participation in interrogation, collection of evidence, familiarization with the protocols;
  • Defense in a Criminal Case in a Court in Turkey;
  • appeal of the court verdict and preparation of complaints;
  • Services of an English Speaking Lawyer in a Criminal Case in Turkey and other services.


Lawyer for the criminal law of Turkey acquires the rights of clients for various criminal offenses: murder, harm to health, hooliganism, theft, extortion, drug and arms trade, prostitution and trafficking in human beings, smuggling, accidents with severe consequences, fraud and other cases.


When you commit a criminal offense in Turkey and initiate a criminal case, you do not need to deal with your own defense. Only an experienced Turkish criminal lawyer will be able to provide professional legal protection in a criminal case and protect you when bringing to criminal responsibility.

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