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Spanish criminal law regulates public legal relations in the investigation of criminal offenses, prosecution for a criminal offense and exemption from criminal liability. Spanish criminal law is progressive, democratic and provides a minimum of state influence and maximum protection of human rights and freedoms. In Spanish criminal law, there is no execution or life imprisonment for a criminal. Criminal defense in Spain is a difficult area of ​​legal services in Spain.



A criminal lawyer in Spain, in order to maximize the protection of a client, must apply various legal methods and methods of protection, as well as develop optimal tactics for conducting a criminal case and implement it in the interests of the client. Criminal defense services are provided by criminal lawyers in Spanish cities.

Criminal lawyer services in Spain:

  • legal advice to a criminal lawyer in Spain in a criminal case, analysis and study of documents and materials of a criminal case, protocols, decisions, sentences and other documents in a criminal case, coordination of a legal position and development of a defense strategy in criminal proceedings;
  • services of a criminal lawyer in Spain, case management in investigative bodies and courts, in the Constitutional Court of Spain, defense by a lawyer in court; appeal against the decision to open a criminal case, collection of evidence in a criminal case and preparation of documents, defense during arrest, visiting the accused, replacing a preventive measure in a criminal case;
  • legal protection and assistance to the victim, witness and other participants in criminal proceedings in Spain;
  • representation of interests before state bodies, other public authorities, before private entities (citizens and firms); negotiations, reconciliation of the parties in a criminal case and other types of settlement of disputes in criminal cases.


A criminal lawyer in Spain is needed at all stages of criminal proceedings to help the client to professionally formulate his position in a criminal case. Our criminal lawyers in Spain can intervene in a criminal case at any stage of the investigation.


Specialization of our lawyers in criminal cases in Spain: crimes against life, health, personal freedom; crimes against property, property and other social and economic rights; crimes against the person; crimes in the field of personal data and computer information; crimes against family, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood; crimes in the field of enforcement proceedings when a person fails to fulfill obligations; willful bankruptcy; public trade crimes; crimes against intellectual and industrial property and consumer rights; crimes in the social and cultural sphere; economic crimes, corporate and tax crimes; crimes in the sphere of illegal financing of political parties; social security crimes; labor crimes; crimes in the field of migration and the legal status of foreign citizens; environmental crimes; public security crimes; crimes related to falsification of documents and other objects; crimes in the field of management and interaction with public authorities; crimes against justice; crimes against personal and political human rights and freedoms; crimes against public order; crimes against the peace and security of humanity and the international community; minor crimes (faltas).

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