Lawyer in commercial law in Poland

Lawyer in Commercial law in Poland

Commercial law in Poland is a list of services and other services that are needed to organize, maintain and maintain a business in Poland. The list of commercial law services in Poland:
  • Legal Services for Business (Uslugi prawne): registration, reorganization, liquidation of companies and entrepreneurs without registering a legal entity, assistance in choosing and registering a company form and tax system, renting a legal address (virtual office), drafting and analysis of contracts, support of commercial transactions, legal assessment of contracts in the economic activities of companies, representation in court, law enforcement and tax authorities, in negotiations with contractors, support for obtaining permits, license th, certificates, obtaining work permits for foreigners test elders, legalization of foreigners' stay in Poland, the appeal of fines and illegal actions of public services, notary services during the registration procedures;
  • Accounting Services (usługi księgowe). Accounting support (accounting) of the company’s activities, timely submission of reports, notifications and declarations, VAT refund and PIT (employee income tax), tax planning, double taxation exclusion, customs clearance;
  • Translation Services (usługi tłumaczeniowe). Translations of more than 20 foreign languages, sworn translation, apostille, participation of an interpreter in negotiations.

Company Registration in Poland

The conclusion of a business support agreement allows you to quickly and efficiently conduct commercial activities for the company.

Debt Collection in Poland

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