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Office № 1: Ukraine, Kharkov, Valentinovskaya str, 18

Office № 2: Ukraine, Kharkov, Poltavskyi Shliakh St., 31 (office of a law firm)

Translation agency of foreign languages in Kharkov provides a wide range of translation services to clients. Our translators (interpreters) provide written translation and interpretation of more than 40 foreign languages (translation from a foreign language and translation into a foreign language), as well as translation of rare languages. Also you can contact the office of the translation agency in Kharkov, and in addition you can use the services of a translation agency in Kiev, and also order a written translation by e-mail or by personal visit to the office of a translation agency in Kharkov, as well as pay for the transfer by any convenient method of payment. Our Translation agency operates in Ukraine, and in particular in Kharkov and Kiev since 2009.


  • We are one of the largest Translation agency in Kharkov and Ukraine.
  • We provide translation services in accordance with ISO requirements.
  • The company's Translation agency, except for Kharkov and Kiev, also works remotely with the whole of Ukraine and with foreign customers from all over the world.
  • In the Translation agency you can order and receive written translation remotely and without leaving your home.
  • We translate more than 500 pages of texts of general and specialized subjects daily.
  • We provide a full range of linguistic services for citizens and businesses
  • If necessary, we will deliver you a written translation by courier service!

Do you need the services of an experienced translator (interpreter) in Kharkov? Do you need a quality interpretation and written professional translation? - the best translators (interpreters) of Kharkov will render you professional services of professional written translation and interpretation in Kharkov.

Translation agency in Kharkov renders services in the following areas:


  • consecutive interpretation into and from foreign language
  • written translation of texts in Kharkov of different subjects: technical translation, legal translation, economic translation, financial translation, translation of contracts and legal documents, technical translation of documents, instructions, translation of drawings, translation of projects, translation of medical documentation, translation of presentations, translation of web sites, artistic translation of books, translation of personal documents and correspondence, translation of documents for the embassy and consulate, jury (judicial) and accredited translation, commercial documentation, technical texts, medical reports, statements, conclusions, scientific works, methodical aids and other
  • written translation of documents and texts in Kharkov, translation of the passport, extracts or certificates from the registry office on birth, death, marriage, divorce, driving license, work record book, diploma and other documents
  • interpretation during various events in Kharkov
  • simultaneous translation
  • proofreading - editorial review and editorial revision of the translation
  • private notary services in Kharkov
  • consular legalization of documents and apostille
  • notarization of the translation of documents in Kharkov, notarization and translation of the documents sealed with the seal/stamp of the Translation agency, notarization of the translator's signature on the translation of documents
  • discovery of repeated documents in Ukraine and abroad
  • preparation of a non-conviction certificate
  • accompanying by an interpreter in legal matters
  • lawyer's services in Kharkov and other translation services


The experience of our translators helps to provide quality translation services to customers. Correct, complete, correctly designed and understandable translation is a key priority in our translation activities. If you want to use the translation services in Kharkov - call us!

Discounts are provided for regular customers, partners and corporate clients.

Are you looking for the services of professional translators and a guaranteed professional result? - We will offer you a written translation of the text and documents on favorable terms - you need to contact us!

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