Establishment of paternity through court, attorney for paternity cases in Ukraine, Kiev, Kharkiv

The lawyer for paternity - provides legal services for establishment of paternity in court, support of expert examinations, preparation of legal documents for court, take measures for collecting evidence for establishment of paternity, prepares requests and petitions and performs interest intermediation in court.


Judicial establishment of paternity with the participation of a lawyer in Ukraine most often occurs in the claim of the mother of the child. The family code of Ukraine stipulates the possibility of applying to court to establish paternity by other persons, including the father of the child. The law does not set the limitation period in cases of establishment of paternity.


Judicial proceedings on establishment of paternity are pending in courts in proceedings. At the same time both with a lawsuit on establishment of paternity may be filed the claim on recovery of the alimony on the maintenance of the minor child.


Additionally, the necessity of establishment of paternity is very often associated with a matter of registration of inheritance after the death of a parent.


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