Establishment of paternity through court, attorney for paternity cases in Ukraine, Kiev, Kharkiv

Paternity Establishment

The paternity attorney provides legal services to establish paternity in court, accompanies the examination, prepares legal documents for the court, represents the client's interests in court.

The services of a paternity lawyer:

  • legal advice of a family lawyer for the establishment of paternity
  • representation in the paternity court
  • preparation of requests for paternity and other legal actions
  • support in the expertise about the establishment of paternity, and more.

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A paternity lawyer through the court prepares proof of paternity for submitting to court and other documents. Our lawyers in court cases on the establishment of paternity have extensive experience and will help you in establishing paternity.

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The paternity lawyer in Ukraine participates in the establishment of paternity in court in such cases: the absence of a registered marriage between the parents of the child; absence of the application of the parents of the child or father to the registry office about the establishment of paternity; the lack of consent of the guardianship authority to establish paternity upon the application of the father in the event of the death of the mother of the child, the recognition of the mother of the child of her incompetent if it is impossible to locate the mother if the mother is deprived of parental rights; the mother of the child refuses to submit an application with the father of the child to the registry office about the establishment of paternity.

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The judicial establishment of paternity with the participation of a lawyer in Ukraine is most often due to a suit against the mother of the child. The Family Code of Ukraine provides for the right to file a claim with the court to establish paternity and other persons, including the father of the child. With the statement of claim to the court about the establishment of paternity, the official guardians of the child have the right to apply. Also, the child has the right to apply to the court to establish paternity upon reaching the age of majority.

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The law does not set a limitation period for paternity cases. The court case on the establishment of paternity is considered by the court in the order of the proceedings. Together with the claim about the establishment of paternity, you can sue for child support. Often, the establishment of paternity is associated with the design of the inheritance after the death of one of the parents.

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