The cost of the apostille and legalization of documents

The cost of apostille on documents and consular legalization, the price of legalization services


  Apostille on documents (certificates of birth, death, marriage, divorce)

Price of services:


+38 067 208 76 15





  Apostille on notary documents (certificate of marital status, contract, power of attorney)

  Apostille on the medical certificate

  Apostille on the certificate of criminal record

  Apostille on the diploma

  Apostille on court decision

  Apostille on documents of firms

  Apostille in other documents

  Apostille on documents abroad


  Legalization of documents in the consulate of Italy and Spain

  Consular legalization of documents for other countries

  Translation of a document at the Embassy accredited translator (the consulate)

  Translation of documents and notarized translation certification

  Lawyer in Ukraine

  Claiming the repeated documents 


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