The cost of registration of inheritance

Cost of Registration of Inheritance

  Legal advice on registration of inheritance

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  Opening of the inheritance case by a notary

  Registration of the inheritance on real estate

  Registration of inheritance on a car, bank deposit, business

  Registration of inheritance through court

  Collection of documents for the registration of inheritance

  Requesting duplicate documents from registrar and archives

The cost of registration of the inheritance in Ukraine, notary fees, the taxation of inheritance, official payments, benefits when registering the inheritance. All expenses for the registration of the inheritance can be divided into several categories: the costs of processing documents and certificates, the costs of opening and running an hereditary case, the costs associated with the object of inheritance, official payments to the budget. In order to improve the protection of property rights and the interests of citizens and businesses, the Ukraine established the Hereditary Register


In the price of legal services for registration of the inheritance are not included and the following expenses are paid separately:

  • state fee and court fee when registering an inheritance
  • official payments to the budget when registering the inheritance
  • post services
  • private notary services for registration of inheritance
  • translation services for translation of documents for the registration of inheritance.


If you make out an inheritance in a notary's office, then in accordance with the legislation, you need to pay for state fees for registration of the inheritance and for issuing certificates of the right to inheritance for performing notarial acts, except for notary services. 

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