Cost of notary services, price, notary public and certified documents

Cost of notary services

  Power of Attorney for representation of interests in court by a lawyer

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  Registration of the inheritance from a notary

  Sale of real estate and legal support of lawyer transactions

  A marriage contract between citizens or a foreigner

  Notarization of constituent documents and registration of LLC

  Notarized translation of the document and translation certification

A private notary in Kharkov, Kiev and other cities will charge a fee upon agreement with the client. The tariff, payment and prices for notarial services in Kharkov and Kiev are determined individually for each private notary in Kharkiv and Kiev. For customers, the issue of payment and price is the determining factor for choosing which private notary should be contacted and which notary to pay. Becoming our regular customer, you will get a discount for notary services of a private notary, for preparation of documents, for other legal services of the company. 

price for private notary services

In addition, a private notary also provides other notarial services: permission for the departure of minors, minor children abroad; permission to make a foreign passport to a child for traveling abroad; transfer of the application of individuals and legal entities to other persons, certification of the authenticity of the signature on the bank card of the company, certification of constituent documents of LLC, JSC, certification of the authenticity of the signature on the charter of the enterprise, application - Certificate of marital status (that the person is not married in Ukraine) (pledge of immovable property), execution of an executive notary, certification of a will, notarization of a copy of certificates, certificates, diplomas and other documents, attested ie the translator's signature on the transfer document, leaving the notary to the scene of a notarial act, notarization of other agreements, contracts, commitments and declarations.

payment for notarial acts and notary services in Ukraine

Prices are an important component of the cost of notary services in Kharkov and Kiev, and the quality of notary services.

price, cost of private notary services and prices for other services

The private notary accepts clients both in his notary office in Kharkov and Kiev, and, if necessary, the private notary leaves to the client in Kharkov and Kiev for certain notarial actions.

notary in Kharkov, Kiev, Odessa and other cities in Ukraine

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